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How it Works

Thanks for considering joining our commitment to giving back and recycling through the It’s on You Program!

Listed below is a simple explanation of how the It’s on You Program really works. 

1. When you order an item from ReFive Gear, we’ll send you an email confirmation. In that e-mail is a link you can click if you want to participate in the program.

2. If you would like to participate, click the “Yes I’m In” link. This lets us know you want to join the fun and help some people out.

3. When the package with your new ReFive Gear arrives, simply remove your new gear and place the items you are sending to It’s on You in the same box and seal it up with some packing tape.

4. When we see that the package with your ReFive Gear has arrived, we’ll send you an e-mail with pre-paid shipping label for the return shipment to It’s on You (we wait because return shipping labels are only good for 7 days).

5. Now it’s time to print this label we sent you and affix it to the box and place it over the old shipping label on the outside of the box.

6. Now all you have to do is drop the package in the mail within 7 days after you receive your ReFive Gear. Mail it via a scheduled pick-up, or by dropping it at the post office.

7. Now it’s on us – we’ll get your clothing to someone who really needs it, or recycle it! 

Make sure you check out our YouTube Channel, we will be posting videos showing you who is receiving your used clothing!


Also make sure you check out our Guidelines and Our Commitment page