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Thanks for considering joining our commitment to giving back and cleaning up the environment through the It’s on You Program!


When we receive your clothing we evaluate it, based on the quality we will either donate your clothing to charitable organizations or recycle it. Clothing is donated to organizations in the Detroit area that have a great need for gently used clothing. We send clothing to be recycled at a variety of recycling centers where your clothing will be returned to your original state, then new clothing or products can be made from the material. We will be sure to send you an email to let you know where your clothing went. 

Listed below are examples of the types of clothing we can really use to help people in need, or recyle!


- Shirts
- Pants
- Shorts
- Belts
- Skirts/Dresses
- Scarves 
- Gloves
- Jackets
- Sweaters
- Sweatshirts



*Please remember that you will have to get your “gently used” clothing in the mail within 7 days after receiving your ReFive Gear Purchase. Unfortunately the shipping label is voided 7 days after it is produced.


Unfortunately shipping limitations prevent us from being able to utilize shoes, boots or other clothing items not on this list at this time. However, if you have other gently used clothing items that are in good condition but are not listed above, you can send them to us any time, our address is below;

ReFive Gear - It’s On You program

1161 S Carney Drive

Saint Clair, MI 48079


Thanks for participating in It’s On You!