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About ReFive Gear

The Beginning

ReFive was founded in 2011 by Kyle Krueger and Stephanie Bacon, a couple of college kids’, crazy enough to believe that they can make a difference in the world.


Born with entrepreneurial spirits and a passion for stylish clothing, building a great clothing company was a natural fit for them. Being great fans of all things “Made in America”, there was little doubt where ReFive Gear clothing would be made. 

The Business

First and foremost, ReFive Gear is a clothing company. In today’s hectic world people want clothing that’s stylish, comfortable and affordable. So the decision about what type of clothing ReFive Gear would design was simple; clothing that people can wear just about anywhere and look forward to wearing all the time. ReFive’s apparel is proudly made in America and is designed with a laid back, sporty, and stylish feel that’s perfect for many occasions. It’s great for chilling out, working out, or even going out.

Most importantly, Steph and Kyle were driven to build ReFive Gear into a company that would truly make a difference in the world. So, they set out to create a business that would combine their commitment to making great American-made clothing products with giving back in some way.

So, ReFive Gear tackled the challenge to make giving part of the very fabric of the company. To accomplish this, they developed a program called “It’s on You”. With It’s on You, ReFive Gear makes it simple for customers to help people who need a hand, every time they order clothing from ReFive Gear.


So how does the It’s on You program work?

Today, there are millions of clothing items sitting in closets around America that are in great shape, but simply don’t get used. The It’s on You program is designed to put some of that clothing to work and help as many people as possible.

With It’s on You, ReFive Gear makes it simple for customers to send back some gently used clothing, and we pay for the shipping! When the gently used clothing is received at ReFive Gear, the items are sorted and then delivered it to people who really need it. We also track each article of clothing so you know exactly where your clothing went and who you helped.



Here’s How it Works:

1. You buy ReFive Gear! Find a great product from ReFive Gear, and place your order.

2. Choose to Give Back. When you receive your order confirmation, simply click the "Yes I'm In" link in the e-mail and we'll send a pre-paid return shipping label.

3. Round up some nice "gently used" clothing. When your ReFive Gear order arrives, pack some quality "gently used" clothing in the same box.

4. Print your return shipping label. Print the return shipping label we sent you and apply it to the box with your "gently used clothing".

5. Send it back to us... and help make a difference! Drop your package in the mail (US Mail). When we get it we'll deliver it to someone in need - and you will get to see where your clothing went and who you helped!