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Our Commitment

Used Clothing… New Beginnings


When we started ReFive Gear, one of our main goals was to create a way for our new clothing brand to contribute to the world in a unique way. So, we challenged ourselves to make giving part of the very fabric of our company - our “It’s On You” program does just that.


With “It’s on You”, we make it simple for our customers to help people who need a hand, and make our environment a little cleaner… every time they order clothing from ReFive Gear.


Basically when you order from us, we’ll send you your ReFive products. Then e-mail you a pre-paid return shipping label, so you can send a few items of clothing back to us in the same box we shipped to you. We’ll take care of the rest!


When we receive your clothing we’ll look at the quality and either deliver it to a charitable organization that has a great need for it, or recycle it. We send clothing to a variety of recycling centers where your clothing will be returned to its original state, then new clothing or products can be made from the material.


Why we love it…


Reduce the amount of waste in landfills.

Reuse clothing, we’ll take it to organizations that have a great need for it.

Recycle your clothing to make new clothing or products.


It’s estimated that 11.1 million tons of textiles end up in landfills each year (USA Today, 2013). So ReFive Gear’s “It’s on You” program truly is a great way to put your unused clothing items to work, and keep them out of landfills.


We’ll be sure to send you an email and let you know exactly where your clothing went.


Here’s a summary of how it works;


1. You buy ReFive Gear! Find a great product from ReFive Gear and place your order.

2. Choose to Give Back. When you get your order confirmation e-mail, simply click the "Yes I'm In" link in the e-mail and we'll send a pre-paid return shipping label.

3. Round up some "gently used" clothing. When your ReFive Gear order arrives, pack some quality "gently used" clothing in the same box.

4. Print your return shipping label. Print the return shipping label we sent you and apply it to the box with your "gently used clothing".

5. Send it back to us... and help make a difference! Drop your package in the mail (US Mail). When we get it we'll deliver it to someone in need or recycle it – you play a part in making our environment a little cleaner.



*Just make sure you get your package back in the mail within 7 days after receiving your ReFive Gear. Unfortunately the label expires after 7 days.

Hopefully you guys like this new take on shopping as much as we do because together we can really change the lives of a lot of people in need!

To learn more check out our How it Works and Guidelines pages.